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Mr. Adam's Animatronics Club

Welcome to Mr. Adam's Animatronics Club, where the world of mechanics, robotics, and unlimited creativity collide! If you're fascinated by making things come to life through mechanized movements and cutting-edge technology, this is the club for you. Animatronics and mechan-tronics are all about crafting mesmerizing, moving creations – a fusion of mechanics and electronics. In our club, students will embark on an exciting journey to design and build a real working Automata Toy, delving into the fascinating realm of mechanisms and machines. Harnessing the power of the Arduino platform, an open-source electronic prototyping marvel, participants will learn to create interactive electronic objects. Our ultimate goal? Programming an automated vehicle and beyond. As a stepping stone, participants can seamlessly transition to the more advanced Robotics club on the horizon. Join us in bringing your imagination to life through the magic of animatronics and mechan-tronics!

ECA Architecture

Hi students, welcome to the architecture club. The Architecture Club provides a platform for students to delve into various aspects of architecture, including history, sustainability, structure, behavioral architecture, ergonomics, form, function, transformation design, and urban architecture. Through hands-on activities, members develop technical drawing skills using both digital applications and manual techniques. The club serves as a valuable resource for students's progress for extended essay (EE) and personal project (PP) within architecture. Members can engage in consultation, research, and discussions on their chosen topics, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Additionally, participants learn how to craft compelling design portfolios, equipping them for university applications. Overall, the club offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for students interested in exploring and preparing for a future in architecture. Come and join us little architect!

Astronomy Club

Let's explore the mysteries of the universe, understand our existence in it, and study extraterrestrial objects, stars, astrological signs, galaxies, clusters, and the lifecycle of objects in the universe. Fasten your seatbelt before we embark on this journey to explore the mysterious universe.


Dress code: Sport attire. Students bring their own badminton racquet.


The Basketball ECA will practise and develop their skills and strategies. Students will learn the basics and progress at their level. The aim of the ECA is the formation of a basketball team for the upcoming DBL tournament in July.

Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia

Language is not limitend in verbal communication! Join our Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (Bisindo) ECA and learn into the vibrant Indonesian Sign Language, where you'll learn to communicate effectively with the hearing impaired community, enhancing inclusivity and understanding. The ECA will led by a skilled instructor from the East Java branch of Pusat Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (Pusbisindo), therefore if you able to complete this ECA, 6 meetings in total, you will earn an official certificate from Pusbisindo Requrement : a student of Bahasa Indonesia LnL class (fluent in Bahasa Indonesia), willing to take off mask throughout the session.





String and wind ensemble (violin, cello, flute, sax)

To perform during school events like Arts Festival, Graduation, Arts Exhibition, Assembly, School Production, Flag Ceremony

Extra Mandarin Class for Beginner

This activity aims to help students that have difficulties learning Mandarin in class.

Film Club

The Film Club aims to help students learn the diffrent skills and aspects of creating a film. By joining the Film Club you will be able to learn new skills, make new friends and collaborate to create a short film.


This acivity will develop student's creativity and independent to create some innovations by using recycle materials.

Mandarin Basic

This activity aims to help students who never learnt Mandarin before. You will improve your pronunciation and learn how to write chinese characters.

Marketing & Branding

unlock the power of your brand with our innovative marketing solutions! let us tailor a strategy that resonates with your target market, fuels engagement and drives lasting success. and also experience the impact of strategic branding and marketing expertise- Ignite your brand's potential with us

Math Club

TThe math club is to promote interest in mathematical learning and build skills for mathematic competition. Members should be interested to engage and build skills to do mathematic competitions. These members should wish to share their competition skills with other students. This sharing may include planning and organizing math workshop and competitions. Club activities will include learning new math skills and engaging in math activities.

Mind Reading through NLP

Wanna know how to read others? Come and join this class! We will discover the power of effective communication and emotional intelligence.



Junior Soccer School Team (Boys)

The Junior Boys’ Soccer Team consists of 14 male students from grades 7-9. We will hold tryouts for both the Junior Boys’ Team from July 27-August 4, and 14 students will be chosen to represent the school. Team members will be required to purchase a team uniform to wear in all matches.

Senior Boys Soccer Team

The Senior Boys’ Soccer Team consists of 14 male students from grades 10-12. We will hold tryouts for the Senior Boys’ Team from July 27-August 4, and 14 students will be chosen to represent the school. Team members will be required to purchase a team uniform to wear in all matches.

Girls' Soccer Team

The Girls’ Soccer Team consists of 14 female students from grades 7-12. We will hold tryouts for both the Girls’ Team from July 27-August 4, and 14 students will be chosen to represent the school. Team members will be required to purchase a team uniform to wear in all matches. If enough girls try out from the SMP (grades 7-9) section of the school, we may form a separate Junior Girls’ Team.

Student Leadership Club

Students Leadership growth is related to students self-discovery. Being able to follow a leader, be a valuable team player or be a good example for the team is equally esential for achievement and success. Any kind of club, numerous involvement on school activities and team work will help students to aware of their own strengths. This Students Leadership Club is a MUST join for student who plan to be leadership position in OSIS/STUCO 2024/2025. Coaches of Leadership club will be School leader, Outside Expertise and leadership practicioners.

Swimming (Boys)

This swimming activity aims to build students' skills in mastering several student swimming techniques and implementing a healthy lifestyle for Sekolah Ciputra Sby students. Students who take part in extracurricular swimming are required to pay a swimming pool entrance fee.




Come join us and to play Volleyball games. Students will learn the basic skills of Volleyball, in order to practice and use them in game situations. Students must wear appropriate sporting attire.

Weight Room-Workout

Come work out in the Weight Room. Whatever your goal (fitness, build muscle, lose weight ...), we can help you make a plan to acheive your goal. Proper PE clothing is mandatory to participate. You and your parents must sign a Waiver/User Agreement form before you can use the weight room.

Zhineng qigong

Students are going to learn and practice Zhineng Qigong (Chinese Yoga) to improve physical strength, mental clarity and focus, reduce stress, and experience a greater sense of overall well-being. We welcome students of any grades.

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