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Youtube Creator

What is the club’s objective?

In an advanced era like today, Children have become more friendly with social medias, including YouTube. Not only to watch their favorite videos, but also encouraged to have their own YouTube Channel. It is our job to give them guidance about making good contents and also about how to manage their channels to be good and suitable for their age.

How to Organize it?

Every Thursday 15.00-16.00 WIB

As we can see there are many famous YouTubers started at young age. Today there are also many child YouTubers sharing their contents in different forms like tutorials, vlogs, and many more. Not only famous, they are actually making money out of it. With good guidance, our children can make very creative contents and still suitable for their ages. It is not impossible they will also make money from it in the near future. And furthermore the skill, knowledge  and experience will also be very useful for their works  in more distant future.

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