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Writing Club

SIG Trainer: Ms. Yulita Kurnia

Writing Club SIG has been open since last year. In this club students are encouraged and accommodated to express ideas and feelings or imaginations through writing.  Some students have writing skills better than the other skills, they like to write instead of talking,  or to express themselves in other ways.

This Club also will help students to write better in Bahasa Indonesia, because their writing (script) is written in Bahasa Indonesia.  If they have interest in writing but still have no skills, it's the right place to start with.

When they’ve done with their script, it will be printed as a book where they can be proud of.  They will produce a book, either in the form of a private / personal book, or anthology, and the book will be kept in the School library as well.

This SIG is held once a week, every Friday from 03.05pm - 1.3.45pm.  It’s done online when we can share the document in G.Classroom.  We also use an application called Book  Creator to visualize their imagination and script before it’s printed.

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