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Film Appreciation Club

Objective: The film appreciation club is created to give students an opportunity to view, appreciate and analyze various genres of film. students can broaden their knowledge and perspective through the film, in a free and fun way, but still with guidance from an adult (supervisor).

How to organize

Film Appreciation Club is open from grade 9 until grade 12, it's mainly because of film age restrictions (minimum 13 years old) and for limiting the age gap to achieve a smooth discussion process. The member meets weekly on Friday from 3.10 PM until 3.50 PM. it's good to wrap the week by watching a well-made film right? 

Every week we will have one specific topic that will be explored together in the film, usually, it's about global issues (for example refugees, mental health, etc). Since we only have limited time, only Award-winning short films will be reviewed. The duration of the film is usually less than 20 minutes. After watching the movie together, students will share their personal thoughts and discuss them with all the members, they may share anything including some controversial facts that are mentioned in the film. In addition, students also have to transform the verbal review into text (summary), while listening to others. At the end of the meeting, the supervisor will share the debatable prompt related to lessons learned from the film and let the students share their thoughts. Last but not least, students are encouraged to share film recommendations for the next meeting.

What is exciting about this Club, we noticed that every student has different interests and backgrounds, their perspective on one film is different, and no one will tell them to conform to one opinion. For example, when we review animation films, the student who is interested in cinematography tends to review the appearance and quality of animation and other students review the storyline, another student pays attention to the background music. 


We plan to share our Film review with the public by making social media/blog. It will be possible if we have more members in the club and maybe schedule a movie time in the cinema (once the pandemic is over)

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Christina Hanny