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Digital Drawing

What is the club’s objective?

Nowadays, there are many industries based on digital images, animated or not. There are animation movies, video games, comic books, visual communication designs, and many more that will need not only traditional manual drawing skills, but also skills to make drawings digitally. That is why we encourage our students to be more creative and skilled and digital drawing, so they can use it in the future to help them in their works.

How to Organize it?

Every Thursday 15.00-16.00 WIB

In the future there will be more work fields that will need the digital drawing skill. More and more industries based on digital image making will be coming in many more variations than today. Even in pure arts, people is starting to make digital visual arts as new media arts. As our life becomes more and more digital, it is very wise to complete our children’s visual arts skills with digital skills.

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