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Sekolah Ciputra has started to offer its students a chance to create and run a real school business.  The entrepreneurship club is open to all students from grades 7 - 10, starting in term 1 and running for 12 weeks into term 2.  The objectives for this club are not only to learn how to start a business but also to understand the theory behind running a business.  Marketing strategies, financial performance data, operational problems and Human resource tasks are all elements that need addressing in order to create a successful business.  With of course, the overriding importance of the businesses to be sustainable in every way.  

Once the students have created the business, they will then enter the globally recognised school competition and compete against other schools from around the world who have also started a business. We will first aim for the bronze award and then continue onto the silver and gold award which will be handed out by the competition organisers. 

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Reuben Drake