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Upper Math

What are the aim and objectives of the club?

This club aims to let members enjoy working with mathematics and develops the mathematical high thinking levels according to Bloom's Taxonomy. To achieve this aim, here are the main objectives of the club:

  • To apply our mathematics skills and knowledge to solve math unfamiliar questions and problems by thinking outside the box (creativity).
  • To develop our mathematical thinking skills beyond the classroom and textbooks.
  • To use these skills in real life.

To achieve these objectives, members solve math problems that could have been part of an interview question or part of unfamiliar situations. Members need to apply their accumulated mathematical knowledge in some cases or acquire new mathematical knowledge in other cases.

How do members work?

  • Members work in groups within the assigned time.
  • They work in mixed grade levels.
  • Share solutions and finding through an open discussion.

What are the rules of the club?

  • Inquirers, we learn by asking questions and seeking answers.
  • Knowledgeable, we apply our knowledge in a familiar and unfamiliar situation.
  • Risk Takers, we think and try outside the box, and we learn beyond our capabilities.

Researchers, we can find information through the Internet and other resources.

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Ammar Dekedek